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Hollywood Face

‘Hollywood Face’is the procedure of triangulation in faces where the face contour is angled with excess fat in cheeks. In US mostly the Hollywood celebrities are using this technique which gives satisfactory results. The name of procedure is also called as “Bichectomy” in US as in medical terminology.

Hollywood Face operation based on the principle in eliminating buccal fat located inside the cheek with 1 cm incision inside the mouth with no visible scar. The operation is comfortable and could be performed under local anesthesia as well and takes around 30 minutes. Having thinner cheeks is easy thanks to Hollywood cheek procedure but not many surgeons are trained to do it .The operation seems like very simple but the experience of doctor is crucially important in determining the fat amount that will be eliminated in order to obtain a personalized Chin/Cheek triangular shape after operation while preventing  the post-op stitches discomfort.

This procedure could be performed on anyone who would like to improve their look by a more defined face and more apparent cheekbones.
It is done on little overweight people to make their look face thinner. On the other, it is performed on average weight or thin people and gives great results. Many people that are average or thin, but have round cheeks are choosing this procedure because even they get thin, their cheek still stays round, which causes them to look chubby.

Even if mostly preferred by women, nowadays men are also preferring this operation in order to have attractive and beautiful face shape.

As in all operations we are making personalized operational plan for each male/female patients .

After the operation, the patient returns to his daily life immediately. There is inflammation that slowly lessens, antibiotic treatments and oral care products need to be used to prevent infection. The final result would be seen within 3 weeks.