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Face Rejuvenation


This is the procedure of producing pure form of active component of own platelet-rich plasma (thrombocyte cells ) that helps to blood coagulation and is responsible of healing and cell producing  .  From the blood collected in special tubes we can obtain pure plasma .

Plasma is injected under skin and helps to increase cellular cycle.

Nowadays is used mostly in scalp and improve skin quality and also for lighting the dark spots .



Mesotheraphy is the technique of microinjection that inserts substances like minerals,aminoacids ,enzimes,hyaluronic acid in the mid layer of the skin.

Where to use : It is used for hair loss or thinness , to correct the effects of aging on face,neck,dekolte’ and hands (wrinkle,to get thinner , dryness,elasticity loss, loose skin under skin tissue ) selulite and uneven face tone .