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Face Lifting

By the age and gravity affect  skin is being loose and fat accumulation in the upper face area comes down and through the chin bone. Upper part of the cheek losses its clear shape ,the face takes a tired look caused by skin loose and the nasolabial curl that is the part in between cheek and the lips appears to be deeper and excess of skin and lines appear in frontal area and in eye dips .

The patient can be operated according to the deformation in the areas clasified as  ‘upper-middle or lower face’ .

After face lift procedure the incisions are mostly located in temples and starting from the inner scalp going trough the ear line and earlobe (or inside the cartilage in front of the ear).After operation the scar marks are hidden and no sign appears.

The operation’s duration can differ in between 2-8 hours according to the face area and is required 1 night stay in hospital . Simple interventions can be performed under local anesthesia  as well without staying in hospital . Post-op bruises and oedema disappear mostly in 1 week period. In 10th day after the elimination of stitches the patient can return back to work.

Bruising and swelling are normal after operation and will be at their peak about 2 days after surgery. After than gradually get better and will be difficult to notice after abouy 14 days.

The results are not permanent because of aging process the skin continues to age. The ideal facelift period recommended is mid 40’s and early 50’s.

Facelift is not generally painfull .